What to Be Aware of When Buying a Swimsuit: Some Tips from Our Team

When looking for a high-quality swimsuit, it is essential to know what to look for. With five years of designing and manufacturing experience behind us, we have collected some of the main aspects that will help you to see if your desired swimsuit would be a summer romance or a long-term relationship.





Fuzzy Fabric – No Way!

Yes, we, too, had once met a beautifully coloured fabric that easily turned fuzzy – but never again. If you are checking a swimsuit in a boutique that has been hanging on the clothes rack for a while, you can immediately see the quality of its fabric: whether it has tiny damage, a fuzzy surface and so on. Besides being resistant it also has to be a nice material to touch, and comfortable to be in. Don’t forget – it is in contact with your skin directly, so choose the best one. 



UV Protection – Don’t Get Sunburnt Under the Swimsuit

The swimsuit is the kind of garment in which we spend the longest time under the sun, and therefore it has to be able to protect us from UV radiation. Every type of textile grants some sort of protection, but if we want the best for our skin, we should look for the UPF 50+ sign on clothing. This is the highest qualification of the category – safer than the best sunscreen, and it is waterproof! This is the kind of fabric we work with at Pelso.





Shaping Tech – Stretchy and Holds Steady

The best materials are flexible in two directions so that they can follow the lines of the body without being too tight and give great freedom of movement. Pelso’s fabric has earned the LYCRA® BEAUTY qualification for its shaping potentials and its comfort. In short, it will let you look your best.







Resistant – And Makes You Irresistible

It is our basic requirement that the fabric be resistant to high temperature, the chlorine of swimming pools and even to fatty sunscreens. These pictograms are a good sign.

Clasps and Hooks – Tiny Jewels

Good metals don’t get rusty and are hypoallergenic. Watch out for burrs! Fasteners sometimes come out of the factory with a rough edge. Don’t forget to check them! They should be smooth and nice to the touch. It took a long time until we collected the best of them with great care. As to our zippers – we always get them painted individually to make them perfectly match the colour of the fabric.



Stitching – The Last Point

My mother was a seamstress, so for me it comes natural to go through the stitching whenever I touch a garment – and see how straight it is, how nice it is at the finish, and where two materials meet. Then I turn it inside out to see the lining – it tells a lot about the overall quality. Do not trust a garment that has come unseamed or have unfinished threads floating around.

These are the main possible problems we were keeping in mind while choosing fabric and accessories, while manufacturing our PELSO swimsuits – so that you can wear them for long years with the same chic and comfort.