A Piece of Cloth and Some Colors: Why It Takes Months to Create a Swimsuit. Our Designer Angéla Mészáros Tells Us

Where Inches Matter: Making a Swimsuit in Four Steps

The swimsuit is the tiniest clothing we show to the public, so it has to be perfect and succeed even under strenuous circumstances. Here, a quarter of an inch can make a difference. Our designer tells us about the production procedure – in four steps.



Fashion Trends – The First Step

You don’t have to be trendy to love fashion. For a swimsuit to be fashionable it has to jibe with global trends. Most of our pieces are put together along the most beautiful classic lines, so that we can wear them with the same chic for years to come. But to make the summer set pop and feel fresh I always check the international fashion forecast. Fashion trends come from a huge pile of impressions and directions that move me – but they are not that really turn me on.



Inspiration – Can Come from Anything

…that turns me on. This is the best part of designing. Our earlier collection, “Bossa Nova,” was born out of the joy of listening to this kind of music, because at the time our office was full of it. Those were nice days. The “Navy” collection came from a vague feeling of the French Riviera. Our latest was inspired by the coolness of motorcycling and chrome bike parts. Once I’ve found the right direction, I can draw the first sketches, and if everyone here at Pelso likes them, I draw the complete collection. Matching colours comes next – the best part of the puzzle. The design portion of the creative process is the hardest to calculate in terms of time – it might be 3 days or 2 months.



Realization Time – When All Our Friends Come for Testing

Once my creative director has thrown away half of my drawings and we’ve fixed the collection, we start sewing the first test pieces. During this time, it often happens that we have to give up some of the designs. It might turn out that though they look good, they cannot actually be worn. When the first test pieces arrive from our favorite tiny sewing factory, all our gal friends come in the office to try them on so that we can see how they fit different body types. This is when we make millimeter sized adjustments – the most important part!



Production – I move to the factory

When all our fabrics and fasteners have arrived from Italy, the production begins. At this point I stay a few days at the factory in the countryside to be able to answer all questions and solve any possible problems. It is important to tell you that sewing swimwear is a very complicated task. One has to use special machines and have unique skills that currently cannot be acquired in Hungary. Luckily, we have found a wonderful team of supercool people who do fantastic work!