5 Things Why We Applaud The Renaissance of Leggings

It is hard to believe but ten years have already passed since the great comeback of the leggings following their 90’s decay. Many could think that this would be only an ephemeral revival—but now it seems they have become our wardrobe basics.



There were some years when leggings were not so welcome in high fashion circles, but due to their practicality we still wore them with pleasure. However, the spring season of 2017 became a milestone in the history of the leggings as they marched back onto the catwalk, most spectacularly at Balenciaga’s runway show. Their boldly colored, lustrous, stretch-satin legging pants—often featured with built-in pointy high-heels—have emerged to be the dazzling gems of the collection.



This is how the once just comfy and practical turned into one of the chicest trends that no fashion blogger would fail to mention this season.

When last September, delighting in some beautiful, shiny stretch fabrics, we decided to experiment with active wear pieces and created our first pair of leggings, we did not know, how well we were tuned in to the spirit of times.   



Now we are telling you why we love leggings in 2017.


1. Because we can spice up our closet with them

We can make an ordinary ensemble unique by a carefully chosen pair of leggings. There is no need to change our whole attire—it’s enough to just get hold of a few bold pairs to cheer up our garment with. They don’t necessarily have to prevail over our entire appearance, they can work well when just peeking through the folds of a midi dress or the wings of a long coat. We can wear even our brightest, most boldly printed leggings in an elegant way, if we pair them with unicolored, minimal style dresses or oversized tee-s.



2. Because it makes us happy just to look at them

For color-lovers like us, it’s good news, that it seems, the conquering, net detailed, predominantly black and gray, sporty leggings cannot supersede the happy colored, excessively printed ones. Fuchsia, lilac, bright red or turquoise, playful and abundant prints are making their way on the fashion palette. Besides the shiny metallic colored pairs we too have created a range of printed leggings in our S/S 2017 collection to match our swimwear and kaftans. They feature geometric pattern designs and bright or pastel colors.



3. Because you can wear them anywhere

From dogwalk to catwalks, feel free to wear your leggings anywhere. With short or midi dresses, with oversized tee-s or blazers, with ballerinas or high heels—there’s room for a pair of leggings at a variety of places and occasions. With the same pair of leggings you can set up any kind of apparel from the romantically elegant to the minimalist, from the disco queen to the master of jogging tracks. If we would want to make a statement about leggings on the street, matching colored high heels are a must this season. Old but gold: we cannot make a mistake if we let ourselves be inspired by Farah Fawcett’s look from 30 years ago: shiny leggings with oversized blazer and a stylish belt.



4. Because you can wear them for work-out

Our own leggings’ main characteristic is comfort. The printed ones—besides being good candidates for hip fashion items—have the qualities of excellent sport fabrics, as well. They are two-way stretch, but still keep their shapes, let the air through and are even furnished with UV-protective properties. When designing the style, we voted for high-waist since it grants more comfort and gives your curves a flattering silhouette. The little belt loops allow you to embellish your pair as you wish, or even to attach to them the blouse of a matching PELSO three-part swimsuit. We have already deployed our leggings at yoga classes, wore them when running and cycling, and we happily recommend them to you, too.



5. Because they are for girls just like us

For us, who leave in the morning in a hurry and get home late, whose days are full of adventures and unexpected situations, who would like to look pretty but would want to make no compromises in comfiness and style, who are cheerful and like sharing their joy with others.