Four Must-Have Pieces: Some Ideas from Our Team

We still remember how it feels to get through the summer in just one bikini. But since we became swimsuit designers and have had the chance to pick from the trendiest items, we have realized how great it is to always use the perfect piece for a given event. Put on the best fitting suit for a big plunge, another for an evening walk to feel confident and comfortable. Now, let us show you some really great choices.



Triangular Bikini

A classic way to sunbathe! Why not begin summer – on the rooftop or in the garden – with a nice little triangular number to get a fabulous tan by festival time? I love the adjustable version so that I can tan over a larger surface. For larger breasts the fixed bras fit better.



Bandeau Bikini

All my girlfriends must get one of these, for they look just perfect at almost any bra size. Ideal wear for a fun beach volleyball game – the little shorts are an absolutely compelling style, and a great feature is that the bras hold their shape. No matter if you jump in the water or chase your kids on the shore – these bras won’t fail. And last but not least, the upper curve nicely combines your triangular suntan.



Something Chic

…to truly shine in, so that even strangers will ask you: “Where did you buy it?” We have a number of these pieces at Pelso! But this year my absolute favorite is the neon green one combined with chrome, with a sexy zipper down in the middle. It’s like a biker’s piece! Try it with ripped jeans and you are gonna rock! Another fav is the “little black dress” of our swimsuits ­– an elegant, beautifully feminine piece with a twisted halter neck. The ideal wear for a romantic rendezvous on the beach…



Love the Plunge?

Then you will need this functional suit that is just perfect for the swimming pool. Wear it in sport pools, on a sailboat, or on the beach – you won’t have to check a thousand times if everything is still in place, or to wring out dripping wet bras. Our customers have joined us in loving this piece for years! Its fabric holds strong, but it lets you move so freely!