This summer is an ode to new beginnings and coming back to life never looked so effortless.
The collection takes inspiration from the wide-open fields of the savannah, the clear surface of mountain lakes, the endless opportunities of a long summer night and the long-awaited rain after a seemingly never-ending drought. Each piece represents a form of freedom and possibility.
The collection comes alive with the colours of the scorching midday sun, the soft hues of a long sunset, the ripe colour of nature in bloom and the soothing shades of water. The dominating motives are inspired by the majestic creature of the savannah, the effortless yet purposeful leopard who is known to embrace freedom like no other. The prints are unique handmade paintings that appear on the pieces in a digitalised format.

You will find statement pieces for unexpected adventures ahead and indispensable classics for your slow weekends.

One-piece swimsuits

Bikinis that are an effortless combination of sophisticated chic and comfort. Freedom that is above all a state of mind.

Two-pieces swimsuits


Our activewear line is made using sustainable techno-fabric. It is versatile, hyper-resistant, breathable and guarantees comfortable wear.



Cheerful, yet graceful pieces that you can easily use as swimsuit cover-ups and head to the closest cocktail party.